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Electric cars: how much do they really cost to run?

Whole House Energy LLP has a Nissan Leaf all-electric car on its fleet and we thought it would be fun to analyse its real cost to run as opposed to the manufacturers claims.

Luckily the car charger is on its own supply and therefore has its own meter and every Friday we took meter readings and mileage to see how it performs.

The car has been charged occasionally at different locations notably Eco-Tec Swaffham and Nissan Desira Norwich which both have rapid DC chargers. These total about 5 charges and it is hard to estimate the power consumed. The cost of these charges is easy to quantify; they are zero!

Our data runs over 15 weeks and is a reasonable slice of time to understand the running costs.

The Leaf lives in Norfolk and as such leads a life of few hills and no motorways; this makes a big difference to range as we find the range tails off at speed.

So how much? Well, based on 7p for Economy 7 and 15p daytime electric costs the car has covered 3687 miles at a cost (excluding standing charge) of £77.56, which works out at 2.10p per mile. In fact the standing charge is more expensive than the running costs of the car.

In conclusion if you have a second car that does no more than 80 miles in a day, then a Nissan Leaf could be cheaper overall to run than the elderly runabout that is lurking on your drive.

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